Look Back – Loon Lodge #364 Discovery CSP X0.5

Three years ago I posted about a previously unlisted OA issue for Loon Lodge #364.

The original post states:
The CSP pictured below has been listed in the CSP Guide, but never in the Blue Book. There is no indication of the lodge name, but the CSP Guide describes it as “issued for Lodge Weekend.”

I have spent a couple of months corresponding with Cory H. who has been researching it with former members of Loon Lodge.

He advises that:

It was not issued for a Lodge weekend, but it is a lodge issue. After a number of emails I was able to determine that it was issued in 2002 and used by the 2002 NOAC contingent and for the 55th Anniversary of the Lodge. There were 300 made.

Loon Lodge X0.5 issued for 2002 NOAC, 55th Anniversary

Loon Lodge X0.5 issued for 2002 NOAC, 55th Anniversary

OA Images numbering:
X0.5 BLK R M/C – RED FDL; BLK Adirondack Council New York no lodge name issued for 55th Anniversary, 2002 NOAC



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