Half Moon Lodge #28 Vigil Neckerchief N7

I’ve been aware of this neckerchief from Half Moon Lodge #28 for at least a couple of years, but realized that I had never added it to my issue list or posted it to the blog.

Half Moon Lodge #28 Vigil Neckerchief N7

Half Moon Lodge #28 Vigil Neckerchief N7

The stats are:
N7 RED P WHT - - SSC; RED outlined BLK 28, GRN outlined BLK WWW Vigil neckerchief

Anyone have one for trade? Or confirm the issue date?

half-moon-lodge-28-oa-2005-national-jamboree-boy-scouts-c1704 HALF MOON LODGE 28 OA 2005 NATIONAL JAMBOREE BOY SCOUTS - c1704
US $6.25
Auction Ends: Thursday Aug-21-2014 19:05:26 PDT
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