Hanigus Lodge #47 Belt Buckle

Here is another image from Bob Fenty, this one a belt buckle for Hanigus Lodge #47 and Camp Waubeeka.

Hanigus Lodge #47 Belt Buckle

Hanigus Lodge #47 Belt Buckle

Anyone have samples of other NYS OA Belt Buckles?

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A nation which wishes to preserve democratic institutions cannot afford to allow its legislatures to become engaged on a large scale in the promiscuous distribution of special subsidies and special favors. Once this occurs, there is no protecting the interests of the community at large, and, what is more important, there is no protecting the political institutions themselves. Tariff legislation is politically the first step in the degeneration of popular government into the warfare of each group against all.
Henry Simons Economic Policy for a Free Society;
Civilization largely rests on the fact that the individuals have learnt to restrain their desires for particular objects and to submit to generally recognized rules of just conduct. Majorities, however, have not yet been civilized in this manner because they do not have to obey rules. What would we not all do if we were genuinely convinced that our desire for a particular action proves that it is just? The result is not different if people are persuaded that the agreement of the majority on the advantage of a particular measure proves that it is just. When people are taught to believe that what they agree is necessarily just, they will indeed soon cease to ask if it is so. Yet the belief that all on which a majority can agree is by definition just has for several generations been impressed upon popular opinion.
… Hayek’s Law, Legislation, and Liberty:



  1. Joe Hupp says:

    Interesting piece, but whyis the buckle in the shape of the state of Pennsylvania?

  2. nyoatrader says:

    Did notice the resemblance. Guess I thought it was to repesent a deerskin stretched on a frame. Neither the Camp, the Council or Lodge would have been in Pennsylvania.

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