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Look Back – Horicon Lodge #246 Neckerchief Varieties

Over 6 years ago, I posted some updated identification information for the 3 Horicon Lodge #246 N1 varitities, I think the information is still useful today. You can read the full post ath the link.

So we have:

N1a BLU P WHT RED SSC design similar to F2; Raccoon perched on arrow BLU Lockstitch DOR/DBR highlights in Racoon, LBL lakes

N1b BLU P WHT DRD SSC; LBR Lockstich, LBR/DBR Racoon, LBL Lakes

N1c BLU P WHT DRD SSC; BLU Lockstitch DOR/LBR highlights in Racoon, DBL lakes

Horicon Lodge #246 Neckerchief N1aHoricon Lodge #246 Neckerchief N1bHoricon Lodge #246 Neckerchief N1c

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