Discovery – Otahnagon Lodge #172 So-an-ge-ta-ha Chapter Neckerchief N1

Just back from the 17th Annual Shu Shu Gah TOR and was able to confirm a recent discovery.

We have reported on previous discoveries from Otahnagon Lodge’s Tsungani Chapter and their Ochenang Chapter as well.

We can now add a previously unlisted chapter neckerchief from Otahnagon Lodge #172’s So-an-ge-ta-ha Chapter. I was able to confirm with Gary W. (who was attending the 12th Annual Shu Shu Gah Indian Seminar) and former member of So-an-ge-ta-ha Chapter that the neckerchief pictured below was used by chapter members circa 1960.

Otahnagon Lodge #172 So-an-ge-ta-ha Chapter Neckerchief N1

The stats for this one should be:
N1 – – WHT GRN – Arm in Heart clasping Arrow.

Lead one to wonder if there is an unlisted neckerchief still waiting discovery for Anoka, Ka-na-kon, Naxiyok, or Wiyopiyata chapters?

I have a Otahnagon Lodge Ches Ches Nopa Chapter Neckerchief I would trade for neckerchiefs from Konoh, Ochenang, or Tsungani Chapters.

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