Ktemaque Lodge #15 2012 NOAC Delegate Set S54 X26

Ktemaque Lodge #15 is issuing seven 2-piece sets for the 2012 NOAC. There are 4 numbered (1-25) two-piece sets, each of 3 mimic the un-numbered equivalent set and one is available only in the numbered set. This is the un-numbered Delegate Version.

Ktemaque Lodge #15 2012 NOAC Delegate Set S54 X26

The stats should be:
S54 GRM R M/C GRN LBL FDL; GRM = Green Mylar w/X26 – Delegate
X26 GRM R M/C – OLV FDL; GRM = Green Mylar BLK 2012 National OA Conference, w/S54 – Delegate

I was not at NOAC this time around, so keep feeding information of NOAC issues that I have not previously posted. You can find my full NYS 2012 Checklist here.

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