Northeast Region – NLS Germany Fundraiser

Mark Chilutti, the
Northeast Region OA Chairman, sends along word of a fundraiser patch for a Northeast Region NLS to be held in Germany this fall for the members of Black Eagle Lodge. I believe this will be the first NLS held in Germany.

Artists Rendition Northeast Region NLS Fundraiser

This November our Region Key 3 and nine other trainers will conduct an NLS for the members of the Black Eagle Lodge. Over 40 members of the lodge are expected to attend. This trip will cost over $10,000, and each staff member going has to raise money to help defray the costs. You can help by purchasing this special patch for $10 each. Only 300 will be made, so please order yours today!

You can find an order form here.

My current NER OA needs include:
Northeast Region (NER) Quality Section 2004 Blue
NER 2001 Jambo GMY border Dome,
NER 2002 NOAC GMY triangle,
NER 2004 NOAC SMY border Rectangle,
NER 2006 NOAC GMY Dome,
NER 2012 OA Leadership Team

For those who collect Northeast Region Order of the Arrow Patches Dave Scocca’s
website is invaluable.

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