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Tschipey Achtu Lodge #397 or #95?

John Pannell is reporting that Tschipey Achtu Lodge is now using #95.

I was talking with a Roger Ward last night who was at the recent Winter South Carolina Trade-O-Ree. He tells me it has not been quiet in that lodge. The use of 397 was problematic. Many wanted to choose a different number. Some wanted to claim the number zero, but that was not well received given the special place Unami 1 holds in the Order of the Arrow. The Scout Executive, I am told, stepped in and told the lodge they will use the lower number from the two merged lodges.

The lodge is now known as Tschipey Achtu 95.

As of this writing the Lodge web page however still shows #397 on it About Us pageas you can see in the screenshot below.

Anyone from the Lodge have any confirmation on the number?

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