Section NE-2C 2004 Conclave Issues

The 2004 Section NE-2C conclave was held at the Edmund D. Strang Scout Reservation and hosted by Paugassett Lodge #553. The theme for the event was “Iron Lodges – Building a Stronger Section.”

There were at least 4 items issued for the event, a regular participant pocket patch

Section NE-2C 2004 Pocket Patch w/Loop

A Jacket Patch of the same design

Section NE-2C 2004 Jacket Patch

There were two other pocket patches.

First is the Black Bordered version, the one sold in the trading post.

Section NE-2C 2004 Pocket Patch - BLK Border

and a Red bordered version issued for the host/service lodge:

Section NE-2C 2004 Pocket Patch - Red Border

I picked up the Black bordered patch at the recent Sakuwit TOR, does anyone have the Red bordered patch available?

According to the OA Section List, the Lodges in the section at this time were:

  • Ranachqua Lodge #4
  • Shu-Shu-Gah Lodge #24
  • Suanhacky Lodge #49
  • Man-A-Hattin Lodge #82
  • Aquehongian Lodge #112
  • Ktemaque Lodge #15
  • Nacha Nimat Lodge #86
  • Owaneco Lodge #313
  • Achewon Netopalis Lodge #427
  • Paugassett Lodge #553

There are 3 Connecticut Lodges in the Section; 313, 427 and 553. The rest are from New York.



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