Area 2-G Whatsit Neckerchief

I had previously written about the 1955 Area 2-G Conclave and speculated about an undated neckerchief. The neckerchief in question, recently appeared on eBay.
does anyone know, what year this neckerchief was issued for?

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Kamargo Lodge #294 P1

Two separate auctions for a Kamargo Lodge #294 P1 recently ended on eBay for similar amounts. I’ve always thought the 294 Pie was a great example of the many good looking pies from this era.

Clicking on the auction will bring you to the results for the next few months.
The bidding was spirited on this one, with an opening bid of only $ 0.99.

A second auction for the pie patch ended only a day later.

Clicking on the image will bring you to the auction results.
This one started for a much higher price, but still found a similar level.
[phpbay]kamargo, 10[/phpbay]
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