Area 2-D 1965 Conclave

The 1965 Area 2-D Conclave was also the 50th Anniversary of the founding of the OA. The event was hosted by Wakpominee Lodge #48 and held at the Camp of the same name.

There were 2 items issued for the event, a pocket patch

1965 Area 2-D Pocket Patch

The Pocket patch is a current need of mine.

There was also a neckerchief:

1965 Area 2-D Neckerchief

Thanks to Tom Wadnola for a scan of the neckerchief.

According to Rob Higgens’ OA Section List web site, the following lodges were in Area 2-D at that time:

  • Sisilija Lodge #19
  • Half Moon Lodge #28
  • Wakpominee Lodge #48
  • Nischa Nimat Lodge #181
  • Ta-Oun-Ya-Wat-Ha Lodge #268
  • Loon Lodge #364
  • Thay-En-Da-Ne-Gea Lodge #418

I currently need the pocket patch, anyone have one available?


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