Kayanernh-Kowa Lodge #219 No More?

As regular readers will remember, after Hiawatha Seaway Council absorbed Cayuga County Council, the new council changed its name to Longhouse Council.  At the time, there were rumors the lodge would change its name too.

Ray Gould passes along some information he received on a new name for Kayanernh-Kowa Lodge#219.

Am passing it along for what it’s worth.  …. I like the name and I had suggested the totem based on accounts by early settlers/explorers.  I am really excited to have a totem which is FUN!

Here was the message he received:

The new lodge name is Lowanne Nimat which means (Brothers of the North) our totem is the Gougou which is like a Sasquatch. We need ideas for a new lodge flap possibly a design for it. We are looking to get it made so that we can give it to members at the Winter Banquet on March 6th.

The new name is confirmed on the Lodge website.

No word on if they will use any sort of number for the lodge. More information as it becomes available.


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