Upcoming Name Change For Kayanernh-Kowa Lodge #219?

I recently wrote about a proposed name change for Hiawatha Seaway Council after its consolidation of Cayuga County Council.

While I had previously heard speculatuion that the lodge would make a similar change, I had no hard confirmation.  Ray Gould provided the following in the comments to that post, but I wanted to provide them a wider audience.

I heard a convincing rumor that the lodge will choose a new name and will be a native American translation of one of the two phrases (either “Deep Snow” or “Peace of the Deep Snow”). Again these are rumor from a credible source and indicates one of two possible totems:
*the Bobcat
*the Gougou
(I proposed this one several months ago and certainly ties into local lore dating back several centuries…for more on the Gougou, I’m including an article I dug up at the time I’d proposed it): http://www.pressrepublican.com/homepage/local_story_108213458.html

He adds the following information about the current #219 totem and his proposal:

I’d lamented since day #1 of Lodge 219 that having a wampum belt was no fun for a totem and I sought to lead a grass roots effort to switch the totem to a moose (which would have been the only lodge to currently have that totem) by designing two lodge issues with a moose on them. Immediately thereafter, Lodge #34 was chartered with the moose totem eliminating any hope (and my desire) that lodge leadership would change it (the desire to change the totem was not purely selfish…from day #1 of Lodge #219, we ran into problems with the leadership of the local tribe with the Hiawatha Belt totem being a copyrighted image and had to modify it to some degree in order to avoid trouble…which only further made it’s use sort of meaningless…it was this situation which led me to desire a totem we could anthropomorphize and have some fun with). Since I did not wish to have a totem done ad-nauseum by other lodges, I sought regional lore indicative of early settler experiences and discovered the Gougou. Time will tell if it is chosen.

Thunderbirds aside, are there any other mythological Lodge totems?


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  1. Dave Scocca says:

    Obviously, the Blue Ox.

  2. Ray Gould says:

    Lodge 614 – Tataliya – has the Bigfoot as their totem
    another has the phoenix…right?…another the Green Witch….the dragon…that’s all that come to mind (regarding existing lodges…at least, I believe they exist). I smell a patch-L topic in the making (and could include all lodges…current and merged/disbanded/absorbed).

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