What A Difference Three Years Makes!

Finished watching an eBay auction for a Half Moon Lodge #28 2009 NOAC Neckerchief.  I think that this is the highest priced NYS issue for the 2009 NOAC.

28 NOAC Neck

Two bidders wanted this and one was willing to spend just over $175.

But what a difference three years can make.  A similar Neckerchief from the 2006 NOAC, got no respect.

A $100 opening bid and no bidders to be found.

28 06 NOAC Neck

I guess the 2 bidders for the 2009 Neckerchief already have the 2006.

Looking for a bargain?  the 2006 Neckerchief was relisted for $80.00

28 06 NOAC Neck redone

Clicking on any of the images will bring you to the auctions for the next few months.

Will the neckerchief sell at $80? Why or why not?


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