Otetiana/Finger Lakes Councils Merger Update

updateI had previously written about the merger between Otetiana and Finger Lakes Councils.

Rob Cunningham sends along some information about the upcoming changes for the councils

A new name is being considered for the council (Otetiana / Finger Lakes)- “Seneca Waterways Council”,

and their related lodges.

and one of the most popular proposed names for the new lodge is “Ghost Deer Lodge,” pertaining to the rare white deer that live around Seneca Lake.  A closed doors youth meeting of the two lodges is being held at Camp Cutler in three weeks to work on lodge merger details, the results of which will be voted on by the respective LEC’s sometime thereafter.

Rob also advises on the final Ty-Ohni Lodge #95 events and pr0posed patch issues.

The final Ty-Ohni Lodge Fellowship Weekend will be held Oct. 2-4th at Camp Cutler.  The theme is “Last Call” and the patch will feature Dr. Arthur Parker, relative of Eli Parker and Mary Jemison and Director of the Rochester Museum in the 1930’s.

When Lodge 95 was being formed, a group of members asked him what he thought an appropriate name for the new lodge would be, and he suggested the name “Ty-Ohni.”

The final Ty-Ohni lodge event will be the annual banquet, to be held in January, 2010.  A merger 2-piece flap set has been proposed, featuring a wolf and turtle on the bottom half looking upwards to a white deer which will be featured on the flap.

Looks like the merger is progressing, more details when available.


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How High Will It Go? Black Eagle Lodge #482 NOAC 2009

I previously wrote about the differences in several Black Eagle Lodge #482 auctions which took place earlier this month.

There is now another Black Eagle trader flap which recently started on eBay at $4.00

You can see it by clicking on the image below:

482 new

As of this post, there are over 6 1/2 days to go, so how high will it go?


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