All I can ask is Why?

While reviewing closed auctions, I came across an auction for a 2004 NOAC issue from Amangi Nacha Lodge #47.  I have just one question why would a lodge issue a patch with only 6 made?

47 6 made

I’m not sure how this furthers the lodge program.  I’d think as a member of the lodge, there would be no reason to collect their patches, because I could never complete a set.  Why would they exdpect perople to continue to buy their new issues?


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Update – NOAC 2009 Northeast Region Patch

New IssueI had previously posted an artists rendition of the Northeast Region Patch issued for the 2009 NOAC held earlier this month.

Here is the actual patch

 NOAC 2009 Northeast Region Patch

NOAC 2009 Northeast Region Patch

Does anyone know if there was a Region chief variety?  And if so, provide a scan and/or a trade for one.


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Camp Boyhaven Special Activity Patches

camp boyhaven csp setJohn Papp sends along some information which may be of interest to NY Camp and CSP collectors.   Camp Boyhaven Special Activity Patch Set now available and has been  been selling locally since around January.  Click on the link for more information.


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