On Restrictions

Rick Obermeyer posted this to Patch-L earlier this week and I thought it worth repeating here.  So with Rick’s permission here it is:

The NOAC training session on ethical patch distribution got lively sometimes.

For example, one adult strongly asserrted that if just anybody could somehow acquire an Eagle medal, such as off of eBay, it would diminish and cheapen his personal whole experience of achieving the rank of Eagle. It was like the value of that whole significant life’s experience  hinged on limited possession of a small piece of metal and cloth.

In another example, a couple of youth were showing me the designs on some of their lodge’s flaps. I pointed to one, and said, “I like that classic design of your lodge the best.”
They said, ‘Oh, that’s our Brotherhood flap. You can only ever get two at Brotherhood.”
I said, “And are you only allowed to ever get two Brotherhood sashes?”
They said that they saw what I meant.

In one question and answer period, a couple of youth in the back of the room asked, “Can you come talk to the members of our lodge that aren’t here?”
My glib answer was, “I’m sorry, but I can’t be held responsible for the members of your lodge who choose not to think.”
The actual answer would be what follows, which is taken from the syllabus for that class. I know that it’s a lot of text, but I am encouraged by how many requested the cd, and I still really wish I could reach “the members of (that) lodge who aren’t here.”

Q4: How do you feel about restrictions?
A4: That really isn’t in the context of this session, but since we have time, I’ll give you my personal opinions, if you like. I can’t speak on restrictions for everybody. That would be too presumptuous. I can only talk about what works for my own lodge back home. Shall I go ahead?


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