Malibu Lodge #566 NOAC Delegate Set

I know its not from New York, but this delegate set from Malibu Lodge is the single highest auction for a 2009 NOAC Issue. Malibu Lodge issues have always been popular at national events.

I’m counting a two-piece set as a single issue of course.  This beats out the Tannu Backpatch by a few dollars.

566 NOAC 2009


By a curious confusion, many modern critics have passed from the proposition that a masterpiece may be unpopular to the other proposition that unless it is unpopular it cannot be a masterpiece.
G. K. Chesterton
English author & mystery novelist (1874 – 1936)

Half Moon Lodge #28 2009 NOAC Neckerchief N6

New IssueThis is one of three issues from Half Moon Lodge #28 issued for the 2009 NOAC, a contingent neckerchief.

Half Moon Lodge #28 2009 NOAC Neckerchief N6

Half Moon Lodge #28 2009 NOAC Neckerchief N6

Blue Book Style stats:
N6 BLK P WHT DBL DBL BSA; DBL NOAC 2009 Rip Van Winkle Council BSA

Thanks to Tom Wadnola for the scan.


If one sticks too rigidly to one’s principles, one would hardly see anybody.
Agatha Christie
English mystery author (1890 – 1976)

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