Kittan Lodge #364 2009 NOAC CSP X4

New IssueHere is another 2009 NOAC issue from Kittan Lodge #364. This one is a CSP, which does not have the Lodge Name, but does say NOAC 2009.

I suppose an argument could be made that this is not a lodge issue since it does not have the lodge name, only the Council; but I think this should be considered an OA issue.

Update: September 1, 2009

The contingent and staff could then purchase extra sets of trader flaps and CSP’s. These trader sets all had a black boarder. There were about 500 Flap sets made, the CSP numbers were less, somewhere around 150.

Kittan Lodge #364 2009 NOAC CSP X4

Kittan Lodge #364 2009 NOAC CSP X4

The stats for this set should be:
X4 – BLK R BLK – LBL FDL; LBL Twin Rivers Council New York BLK NOAC 2009


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