How High Will It Go?

Devan Plantamura left a comment on an earlier post. He wrote:

I believe it is officially the most expensive set of 2009 NOAC patches yet to sell on eBay. I’m assuming it must be of interest to members in the lodge because i don’t think any one outside of the lodge, no matter how bad they wanted it would pay $455 on a set of patches. AND THERE’S STILL A DAY AND 20 HOURS LEFT!

Here is the auction, you can click on the image for the next xouple of month’s to bring up the results.


Now admittedly it is for 9 patches, but will this be the highest priced 2009 NOAC grouping from a single Lodge?


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One Bourbon, One Scotch and One Beer

George Thorogood for the working day.


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