Nacha Nimat Lodge #86 Regular Issue Flap S37

New IssueGeorge Jennings sends along word of a new regular issue flap from Nacha Nimat Lodge #86.  The design is the same as the S23, but the new version has the new BSA Logo/Sunshine Emblem Plastic backing.

Should this be the S23b? A separate issue(S37)? or just a MVE – backing notice on the S23 description?

You can see my thoughts by the subject line, but what are yours?

Nacha Nimat Lodge #86 S37 Front

Nacha Nimat Lodge #86 S37 Front

and the reverse:

Nacha Nimat Lodge #86 S37 Reverse

Nacha Nimat Lodge #86 S37 Reverse

Blue Book style stats:
S37 BLK R M/C BLK M/C FDL; RED WWW Design of S23 PB Sunshine Emblem Logo

Of course, you should collect what you think meets your collecting criteria.

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