Cayuga County & Hiawatha Seaway Merger Update

I had previously posted on the proposed merger Cayuga County council and Hiawatha Seaway Council and the aftermath.

There are now updates on the Hiawatha Seaway Website.

Cayuga County is now a district within Hiawatha Seaway Council.

Hiawatha Seway council

The HSC Exec has posted a letter to members of the former Cayuga County Council which says in part:

The former Cayuga County Council is now officially the Cayuga County District within the Hiawatha Seaway Council. Not only will local Scouting continue, it will be enhanced with the strength of additional programming, professional staff, a national Scout Shop (with a Cayuga District satellite shop) additional training opportunities and the assurance that all of the legal, professional and accounting standards required of a modern Scout Council will be met.

Most of the Cayuga County District unit leaders and Scouting families that we have met and are working with seem genuinely happy for the merger. However, change can sometimes be difficult and some former Cayuga County Council leaders are still resistant to that which has already been decided. Rumors have been and continue to fly around the District. I only ask that if you have questions or concerns you contact the Hiawatha Seaway Council Staff to get the answer. We will do our best to put to rest to your satisfaction the misinformation that you may be hearing.

Please be advised that all registered youth and adults are covered by unit accident and sickness insurance as well as liability insurance effective July 1st, 2009. Tour permits and certificates of insurance for additionally insured events can be obtained by calling or faxing our council office.

The goal of a merger was to maintain and strengthen the Scouting program in Cayuga County. We are well on our way to doing just that. Please take a look at the enclosed flyer of enhanced programming that the Cayuga County District will now enjoy as a member of the Hiawatha Seaway Council family.

and ends with:

P.S. As a reflection of our growth we are considering changing the Hiawatha Seaway Council name.

No word on any changes to the lodges (#219 and #247).


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