Cayuga County and Hiawatha Seaway Council Merger Update

Brother Andrew, passed along this update on the proposed merger of Cayuga County Council and Hiawatha Seaway Council which I had previously written about.
Cayuga County Boy Scouts close to merger

The Cayuga County Council of the Boy Scouts of America may be merging with a council in a neighboring county.

The board of directors and its chartered members, representatives from the various local sponsors, will vote Wednesday on a measure that will merge the council with the Hiawatha Seaway Council, which currently serves the counties of Jefferson, Lewis, Onondaga, Oswego and St. Lawrence.


If the Cayuga County Council votes in favor, the merger will be effective immediately, Avery said. While the transition would occur during the summer months, “in the eyes of the scouts it will be seamless because their programs will continue,” he said.

However it appears emotions ran high at the meeting and the merger may not be as cut and dry as some thought.

A proposal to merge the Cayuga County Council of Boy Scouts with the Hiawatha Council in Onondaga County was tabled at a special meeting Wednesday night.
“It was very emotional,” said Steven Smith, director of the Northeast Area, in charge of this area for the National Council for Boy Scouts. “They were looking for a more thorough process and had more questions.”

Smith said more than 30 of the council’s 42 members at the meeting passed the resolution to table with a simple majority. Bylaws only require 10 percent of the board to be present for a quorum. To pass the merger resolution, a two-thirds majority of those present is required.

“One of the huge issues is very little communication,” he said.

The Cayuga Council will go back to the national organization to ask for more time.

While no date was set for another special meeting, the board meets every other month. It will likely take at least a month, possibly three, before the issue is resolved, Smith said.

Cayuga County Council’s charter with the national council is up at the end of June. Smith said he was told the charter will not be renewed in the event the council rejects the merger.

More information as it becomes available.


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Buckskin Lodge #412 Amangi Wulit Chapter X3?

New IssueBrian Petrowski has sent along images of 4 new patches issued by Buckskin Lodge #412.  I’ve gone back and forth on these patches, are they Chapter issues or Lodge issues.

They were issued by the Lodge, but have the individual chapter names.  Certainly a member of an individual chapter would not wear another chapter’s CSP.

The Blue Book seems to call them Lodge patches when they list multiple chapters, and chapter patches when they only list a single chapter.

So I guess we will call them chapter issues.  I’d be interested in your thoughts.

The first of the 4 patches is issued for Amngi Wulit Chapter, has a Green border and Chapter name.  It contains 24 W’s for the original 24 members of Buckskin Lodge.

Amangi Wulit Chapter X3

Amangi Wulit Chapter X3

Blue Book style stats:
X3 GRN R BLK GRN ORG FDL ORG 1949 2009 Theodore Roosevelt Council

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