The Empty TOR

We’ve all been to them, the empty TOR. Desolation, Tumbleweeds rolling down the empty aisles.

The Empty TOR

What can we do to drive up attendance at TOR’s?  Shu Shu Fah Lodge #24 has created a  Facebook event to help promote its TOR to a different group.

We also publicize the TOR in a variety of venues.  Flyers have been or will be handed out at many of the upcoming local TOR’s, at the NE-7A and NE-7B Section Conclaves, GNYC’s Summer Camp Ten Mile River, the Ten Mile River Scout Museum, the TMR Annual Alumni Day, the GNYC 2009 Steakout (Program Kickoff), the Lodge newsletter, the Blue Heron and other local Scouting events.

What else can be done to help promote attendance at a TOR?


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