Section NE-7A 1994 Conclave Issues

conclave1994 was the last Conclave for the short-lived Section NE-7A. The final Conclave was hosted by Ganeodiyo Lodge #417 and held at Camp Babcock-Hovey. As had become the tradition, there were two issues, a pin

Section NE-7A 1994 Pin

Section NE-7A 1994 Pin

and a pocket patch:

Section NE-7A 1994 Pocket Patch

Section NE-7A 1994 Pocket Patch

According to the OA Section List (and the conclave patch) the following lodges were in NE-7A at this time.

Tkaen Dod Lodge #30
Ty-Ohni Lodge #95
Ho-De-No-Sau-Nee Lodge #159
Tahgajute Lodge #247
Amo’chk Lodge #339
Seneca Lodge #394
Tuighaunock Lodge #409
Ganeodiyo Lodge #417

Thanks to Andrew Kosmowski for the trade!


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  1. Bro. AJK says:

    Dear Bill,

    In addition to the listed lodges, there was also a tiny (~4) contingent from Gajuka there. Perhaps because that lodge was to host with Ty-Ohni the 1995 3A/3B Conclave.

    However, you say short-lived. Of the sections since then, this was still the longest at 6 years, compared to the two that immediately followed it. Each of those had a length of 3 years. The one that just ended was longer at 8 years.

  2. nyoatrader says:

    Bro. Andrew,
    Guess I’ve been spending too much time with the longer-lived Area and Sections (NE-2A, and NE-2C on the blog) than looking at the existence of the immediate predecessor and successor sections of NE-7A.

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