Shared Items From Around The Web – February 1, 2009


Buckskin Lodge 2009 Training Patch R11

New IssueBrian Petrowski sends along some information on new issues from Buckskin Lodge #412. As has been their practice from the past several years Buckskin Lodge issued two issues for completing Lodge training.

Brian adds:

Both patches are 4 inch rounds with a button loop. The participant issue has red rolled edge border while the staff issue has a red mylar rolled edge border and the word staff is also in red mylar thread. There were 80 of the participant and 20 of the staff issues produced.

The first is pictured below.

Buckskin Lodge #412 2009 Training - Participant Award

Buckskin Lodge #412 2009 Training - Participant Award

Blue Book Style stats:

R11 RED R M/C GRN BLK FDL; BLK WWW, 2009, 412  GRN Training

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