Section NE-7A 1990 Conclave

conclaveThe 1990 Section NE-7A was hosted by Wakanda Lodge #186 and was held at Camp Groton. There were only two items issued for this event, a pin and a pocket patch.

Section NE-7A 1990 Pocket Patch and Pin

Section NE-7A 1990 Pocket Patch and Pin

According to the OA Section List (and the conclave patch) the following lodges were in NE-7A at this time.

Ty-Ohni Lodge #95
Ho-De-No-Sau-Nee Lodge #159
Wakanda Lodge #186
Tahgajute Lodge #247
Amo’chk Lodge #339
Seneca Lodge #394
Tuighaunock Lodge #409
Ganeodiyo Lodge #417

Thanks to Matt Crance for the scan and Andrew Kosmowski for the trade!

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