Treasure Island Scout Camp to Close!

It looks like the birthplace of the OA, Treasure Island Scout Camp  will be closing in the next few weeks.

From the Cradle of Liberty Council web site:

…it is recommended to the Cradle of Liberty Council Executive Committee that Treasure Island be closed as of October 1, 2008. Treasure Island would be closed for both weekend and summer camping. The Council’s Camping Committee will investigate the future use of Treasure Island and make a presentation at a date to be determined.

The vote was held, and it was 35-1 to close:

Last night the Council Executive Board ratified the recommendations of the Camping Committee and the executive committee to close Treasure Island for 2009. The evening featured a presentation from Mike Coyne our Camping Chairman along with a lengthy difficult conversation.

The Executive Board did not come to this decision lightly. The Council has been working diligently to keep the camp open since the two consecutive floods of 2005 and 2006. The cost of the camp, sharp decline in attendance since the floods, and the increasing environmental restrictions forced the board to reluctantly ratify the recommendation 35 to 1.

There are currently no plans to sell the property, but it is a sad thing to see.  Its been several years since I was last at TI, and I’m sorry that I won’t be able to go back there.


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  1. William gibbons says:

    – I really hate to see T.I close. i was just there 2 months ago, it was my first year as an adult leader going with my troop. That camp played a big part in my life and my road to eagle scout, i also got tapped out there in “04”. I hope they can do something

  2. nyoatrader says:

    My head may understand, but my heart is heavy. I hope they can work something out.

  3. turtletrader43 says:

    just got done bording up unami lodge kinda angry at this they merged delmont 43 with 1 and we were unami 1 now closing where the order started if they were going to close never should have opened up after that first flood but the money in to reopening delmont or firestone or great bend now one of the largest councils has just one resident camp and all out of council troops are being bumped out for in council not right why would thet have accepted reservations to ti if they know it was a possibilty it was closing. the ranger there was an idiot too never took help and he new best always never wanted to listen.

  4. Dr John says:

    I was looking to send my son Joe to Treasure Island this summer for the first time, when I read of its’ sad fate. Are there any camps like it around this same area?

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