Area 2-H 1965 Conclave Neckerchief

Here is another neckerchief from Area 2-H for their 1965 Conclave. The silk-screened design has the mid-60’s look and feel, but does not identify the host lodge, camp or council. It is forward looking in that the dates are 1965 and 2015. 1965 was the 50th Anniversary of the OA, and this neckerchiefs looks into the future of 2015, the 100th Anniversary of the OA.

The OA Conclave Handbook does not list any other issues for this conclave, is anyone aware of any other issues?


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This is hardly digging ditches, and this is a hobby not my attempt to become a 100K a year blogger. But like anything else you can become too focussed even obsessive. Take time with family and friends, watch spring begin as things green up and flower. Enjoy life.

Creative Commons License photo credit: puroticorico
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