A Gaggle of Nischa Nitas Lodge #410 Ceremonial Team Patches

I recently posted on a Nischa Nitas Lodge #410 Ceremonial Team Patch that became available on eBay. Neale Cummings left a comment that he had also just acquired one.

It now seems that a third has appeared on eBay with a Buy It Now of $ 1500.00. The description does not mention condition, but it looks to be in pretty good shape.

Are your pockets deep enough? Unfortunately mine aren’t.

Creative Commons License photo credit: mil8


Interview with J R R Tolkien

Found this interview with J R R Tolkien, the author of Lord of the Rings in 1968 and Adam Tolkien in 2007 on the release of The Children of Hurin.


Not sure if you have read his latest, The Children of Hurin.

The Children of Hurin, begun in 1918, was one of three ‘Great Tales’ J.R.R. Tolkien worked on throughout his life, though he never realized his ambition to see it published. Though familiar to many fans from extracts and references within other Tolkien books, it has long been assumed that the story would forever remain an unfinished tale.


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