Hardest NY OA To Collect – Area 2G

Hardest NY OA To Collect

Here is the second installment of the hardest New York State OA to collect sparked by a discussion on Patch-L. This one comes from update collector NY OA Collector, Ray Gould. Ray is a frequent contributor and commenter to this site. his collecting specialty is OA from the old Area 2-G and its successor lodges. Since there are 15 lodges (34, 34, 34, 34, 120, 219, 247, 294, 357, 410, 410, 461, 465, 500, and 516), we’ll break Ray’s thoughts up over a couple of posts.

Here are his thoughts:

Through time, I’ve found the following to be among the very toughest OA in the nation to collect (most of the following have less than 10 known examples ……approx. 1/2 have less than 5 examples…and most are undervalued). They are representative of the lodges I collect.

  • #34 Gonlix (IMHO…none rank among the toughest….even the arrowheads surface with occasional regularity)
  • #34
  • L-01 (flame shaped leather…neckerchief slide?) NEED!!!
  • eX1970-1 (fall fellowship…SSC on vinyl)

Konoshioni Lodge #34 ex1970-1

Image by permission of OA Images

  • eX1970-2 (spring fellowship…SSC on vinyl)
  • eX1970-3 (fall brotherhood…SSC on vinyl)
  • eX1971 (Conservation Presentation…SSC and flocked on vinyl) NEED!!!

The last three images can be found on this site by clicking the links above.

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