Section NE-3A 1977 Section Conclave Patch and Neckerchief

ConclaveHere is another Section Conclave issue from Section NE-3A held at Camp Alpine in 1977. While it is not indicated on the patch, this Conclave was hosted by Shu Shu Guh Lodge #24. The theme was, See the Need Meet the Challenge.

A bit different from previous conclave patches, this one is silkscreened rather than embroidered.

Section NE-3A 1977 Section Conclave Patch

Additionally there was a silkscreened neckerchief.  This was home-made and likely screened on the event from blanks cut from sheets or other linens and unhemmed.

Image after the jump.

Section NE-3A 1977 Section Conclave Neckerchief

If anyone is aware of any othe items issued for this conclave, please leave a comment below.

You can find links to other conclaves on my NYS Section Conclave page.

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  1. Joseph says:

    Since that was my first conclave, I do remember seeing some t-shirts. Don’t remember if they were sold or given away to staff. However, I do remember that for a small donation, they would silkscreen anything. A group of guys did their underwear.

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