Man-A-Hattin Lodge #82 Camporee eR2003-2 Staff Issue

DiscoveryWe have all heard the expression a small lodge that doesn’t have a lot of traders; well despite being from the heart of New York City, Man-A-Hattan Lodge #82 fits that description. Five event issues surfaced at the Shu Shu Gah #24 TOR a couple of weekends ago, Gene Berman gets credit for the discovery.

I need all 5 of these patches if anyone has one available. I only need this individual patch, does anyone have one available for trade or sale?

The fifth and final discovery is the Staff patch for a Camp-O-Ree they hosted back in 2003.

After 2003, the lodge decided the expense of the patches was too great and stopped producing them.

Man-A-Hattin Lodge #82 Camporee eR2003-2 Staff Issue

Blue Book Stats:
eR2003-2 M/C R WHT RED YEL 2003 FDL; GMY/BLK Border RED Camporee 2003, GNYC, Alpine. Hanging Feathers, Staff issue



“The world tolerates conceit from those who are successful, but not from anybody else.” John Blake


BOLO’s, no not bolos… BOLO’s!!

Somewhere Kieth Laumer is smiling. Carnegie Mellon’s latest contract to build a remote controlled tank.

The next generation Autonomous Platform Demonstrator (APD) ill make use of the latest suspension, vehicle frame, and hybrid-electric drive technologies to improve upon its predecessor’s performance. Enhanced mobility capabilities will push the envelope for autonomous and semi-autonomous operation, the engineers said. The engineers will develop a comprehensive control architecture that makes use of hardware and software components as well.

Ultimately unmanned ground vehicles would be outfitted with anti-tank or anti-aircraft missiles and anti-personnel weapons to make them lethal.

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Keith Laumer also wrote a series of stories with a character called Retief which did a pretty good job of skewering our (and our adversaries) diplomatic efforts during the Cold War.