Nick Stoner Lodge #418 A1 Artists Renditions

Gavin Murdoch had produced some unique paper memorabilia from Nick Stoner Lodge #418 involving the creation of the only known patch from the Lodge.

I’ve also attached the ink drawing of the Nick Stoner patch as well as the colored drawing used as the sample. These drawings and the Nick Stoner design were created by Dick Sxxxxxx 418 Lodge Chief in 1950. He was one of the 42 Charter members.

The first is a concept sketch outlining the the required design elements of the patch.

Nick Stoner A1 Concept sketch


The second design is the artists rendition of the concept in a colored sketch.

Nick Stoner Artists rendition


Finally we have the actual patch as the design and sketches become reality. Image courtesy of OAimages

Nick Stoner Lodge #418 A1






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