Mahikan Lodge #181 Pennant

There was a recent Ebay auction for a pennant from Mahikan Lodge #181.  Mahikan merged with Mohawk Lodge #267 in 1963 to form Nischa-Nimat Lodge #181.  Eventually becoming part of Kittan Lodge today.

While I have seen a number of different pennants from Scout Camps over the years, I can’t recall ever seeing one from an OA Lodge before.

Does anyone have other examples of OA pennants from any of New York Lodges?

Mahikan Lodge #181 Pennant

Mahikan Lodge #181 Pennant


I have copied the images from eBay since it will dissapear before to long.



  1. Scott Downs says:

    I Have not seen this before but I do have a Question about there conclave in 1958. Was there a Stratton Mt. Scout Reservation in N.Y. Or did they hold it in Vermont?
    Thanks,Scott Downs

  2. nyoatrader says:

    According to the Camp Book by Bob Sherman; Stratton Mountain Scout Reservation was a Camp in the Fort Orange Council Council (today Twin Rivers Council) from circa 1952 to 1963 when the council became part of Governor Clinton Council.

    The camp was owned by a NY BSA Council but was located in Vermont.

    I’m not sure which conclave you refer to.

    From a little research on the web,

    Owned by the Fort Orange Council, and later the Fort Orange – Uncle Sam and Governor Clinton Councils, the camp was open from 1950-1979. It was sold to the US government in 1979 and remains open to the public as the Grout Pond Recreational Area, and is a wonderful place to visit.


    Grout Pond Recreation Area Campground
    Preview: This is no sanitized, drive-in, drive-out campground. The campsites at Grout Pond are spread out along a hiking trail that winds around the western shores of the pond. You have to hike your gear in to your tent site. This extra effort will give you a huge payoff, though. You hike in to any of the 12 tent and lean-to sites via the Pond Loop Trail. This trail cuts through a dense forest, through which you can catch tantalizing glimpses of the pond as you start out. As its name implies, the Pond Loop Trail brings you all the way around Grout Pond. The campsites are spread liberally along the first mile of the trail. No camping is permitted beyond site 12, the last “developed” tent site. Since you hike into the sites, parking is in the small lot past the campground host cabin.

  3. The 1958 Conclave was held at Stratton Mountain Scout Reservation in Vermont according to everyone that I have talked to. I am still active in what used to be the Mahikan 181 (currently Kittan 364) Lodge. It was the only OA Conclave that was held there. I was active in the lodge from 1974 to 1978, and then again in 1985 to present. So I am not old enough to have attended the event.

    Please feel free to contact me for further information.

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