ClothTalk 024 – Patch trader, collector… No: Historian.

ClothTalk 024 – Patch trader, collector… No: Historian.

This week the ClothTalk guys speak to Bill Topkis.  Bill was the National Editor for the Blue Book through its first six editions.  With Jeff Morely, he had amassed one of the largest collections of OA memorabilia in the country.  Here is what Ben has to say to introduce this episode.

This episode brings us part-one of our chat with master trader, collector, and scouting historian: Bill Topkis. What a great interview! We had so much great material from our talk with Bill that we’ve split it up into two episodes. Be on the lookout for part-two of this great conversation next time, here on ClothTalk.

Also this episode: Ben goes skiing on Camelback Mountain. Brandon brings us a TOR calendar update, Beep Beep talks about and John Pannell tells us how some lodges are using patches as motivators, as well as what makes an lodge issue official.


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  1. Ray Gould says:

    I listened to this edition and it was excellent. Bill’s (Topkis) perspective and “digging” stories are worth the listen! I can’t wait for the second episode in this series.

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