Chappegat Lodge #15 YA1

question-mark.jpg I was recently questioned regarding the Chappegat Lodge #15 YA1 which appeared on our favorite auction site. This was a recent addition to the Blue Book (6th Edition) and not one of my edits. It was not in the earlier editions of the Blue Book nor can I find listings in Arapaho, The Order of the Arrow in New York State nor in Bob Connors NY listings.

As you likely know, the Y category is somewhat of a catch-all, placeholder category until more definitive information can be obtained.

Two of the major traders from Ktemaque #15 one of the successor lodges to Chappegat are scratching their collective heads as no one can remember seeing this piece before.

Does anyone lese know the story behind this patch or have one in their collection?

Chappegat Lodge #15 YA1