ClothTalk #23 – Hawk Days

Another episode from the guys at ClothTalk. One of the fakes John Pannell talks about is from a NY Lodge #34 Ona Yote from the Rome area. Snow Country. Here is a summary in their words.

ClothTalk 023 – Hawk days

Coosa Lodge 50 - Fall Fellowship 2001

This week Ben and Tim talk to James Tarbox, Chief of Coosa Lodge. James is not only the youngest chief ever be elected in the lodge, but also the first to serve two consecutive terms. He tells us about his adventures as Chief and some of patches that have meant a lot to him throughout his time in scouting.

John Pannel tells us all about the “Chang” fakes and shares tips on how to avoid being misled by them.

Also, Tim talks with Ben about a short Brotherhood promotional film called iSash which can be found on YouTube.
Chris brings us a Wiki Tip, Brandon keeps us up to date on TORs and Beep Beep reviews