Ranachqua Lodge #4 Neckerchief N0.5 or N6

question-mark.jpgUpdated and Bumped:  The scan below is also from Ranachqua Lodge #4 from the Bronx, NY. The scan isn’t great, but you can see the basic design and color for the neckerchief. My original post showed it as the N0.5.  John Tegtmeier points out in the comments, that this is the N6 image from OA Images and on the Tracker Software.   John Pannell advised that he may have attached the image to the wrong issue but can not be sure. 

In either case it is one of my needs, so keep me in mind if you stumble across one.

More imporatantly though, which one is this?  Do two exist?

Ranachqua Lodge #4 Neckerchief N0.5

The descriptions for the No.5 and N6 are as follows:

N0.5 – – YEL BLK SSC; Large Owl with RED arrow
N6 – – YEL BLK SSC; large owl on log with arrow pointing NW; may exist on WHT & TAN also

The neckerchief fits both descriptions, and the description for the N6 is much more detailed.  The N0.5 was not one of my Blue Book adds. Does anyone have both neckerchiefs for comparison?  Or a yellow cloth neckerchief with a different design?



  1. John Tegtmeier says:

    The image you’re showing appears to be the 4N6

  2. John Tegtmeier says:

    Isn’t the addition of a listing for an N0.5 relatively new? There should be some documentation somewhere. I had always understood that the course fabric N1 was the first, in the mid 40s. Though not noted it the Blue Book description, it is a full square. Pretty clearly, something issued before that would almost have to be a full square and, at the latest, issued the early 40s. The scan you posted doesn’t appear to be a square. The image John Pannell has up for the N6, I believe, also pre-dates the addition of the N0.5 entry.

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