Ona Yote #34 Jacket Patch Discovery J2

Ray Gould has uncovered what could be an unlisted Jacket Patch from Ona Yote lodge. Apparently issued in a very small quantity for their Ceremonial Team. The had previously issued 2 very short run jacket patches for the Lodge Dance Team, the Purple Rock Dancers, so a ceremonial patch is not farfetched.

just spent a few hours going through the collection of a well known area collector and friend. I came across what appears to be a previously undocumented JP from 34 Ona Yote (please see the attached picture). It measures (approx.) 8 3/4″ x 8 3/4″ and am told it was issued to ceremonial team members. Given this gentleman’s reputation … and area of expertise in this lodge, I have no reason to suspect otherwise. He believes it was issued in quantity of 50 or less. Given it has not surfaced previous, I tend to believe quantity of 25 (or less) more likely.

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Ona Yote #34 Jacket Patch J2

Blue Book Stats:
J2 YEL R BLU – – BLK “Ceremony” RED WWW OBV sashes, Design of S4 but no FDL

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