Tahgajute Lodge #247 S17 X6 Set Section NE 3B 2006 Conclave

Another report from Ray Gould. Ray has been doing some digging and there is more to come from him in future posts. Thanks for all of your help.

Tahgajute was the host Lodge for the NE-3B Section Conclave held at Camp Rotary this past August. In addition to the usual Section items, Tahgajute issued its first two piece set which was sold by the Lodge at the conclave.

Tahgajute Lodge #247 S17 X6 Set Section NE 3B 2006 Conclave

Blue Book Stats:
S17 YEL R M/C – BLK FDL; RED 2006 NE-3B Conclave at Camp Rotary w/X5 No lodge name or number Thunderbird totem straddles S17 and X5
X6 YEL R M/C RED – RED WWW, Noble Goal and Purpose, LBL 19, 28, 34, 172, 219, 247, 364, 402 w/S17 Thunderbird totem straddles S17 and X5

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ClothTalk #21 Merits of Scouting

The guys at ClothTalk released another episode last night interviewing a scout who has earned every single merit badge the Scouts offer. Have a listen

ClothTalk 021 – The Merits of Scouting

Kyle McInnis with his 3 merit badge sashes

This episode Ben and Tim chat with Kyle McInnis—a Scout with an extremely unique patch collection. He has earned every merit badge the BSA offers, as well as 15 Eagle Palms!

Also, Chris brings us a great Scout History Wiki tip on uploading images, and Beep-Beep tells us about another great collecting resource on the internet: CampImages.com.

And we welcome OAImages.com Webmaster: John Pannell.