Camp Boyhaven or Buffalo Lodge #19

While a bit off topic, I received a question from Dave E. following requesting any additional information anyone may have.

Included in the grouping was a felt patch with a letter “B” on it.
I assume it is either a very early Boyhaven patch or perhaps a Buffalo Lodge patch.
Everything in the grouping appears to be from the Schenectady Council and from the 1927-1932 time period.

I replied to Dave, with the bit of information I had and my specualtion. The Camp Book (Minnihan and Sherman) lists a Camp Boyhaven (1932) -1991 belonging to Schenectady County Council. Camp Rotary (1926) and Camp Boyhaven .

I would guess it is most likely an early Camp Boyhaven Patch.

Can anyone confirm a start date for Camp Boyhaven?


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