ClothTalk #18 Cherokee Lodge #50

Ben and Tim have another interesting edition of ClothTalk. Not a NY Lodge, but still worth a listen. Why don’t some of you NY guys contact them and tell us a bit about your lodge’s patch history.

C lothTalk 018 – The only Cherokee round you’ll ever get

Cherokee Fifty - R1 + X1

Ben rides a single-speed bike up an Alabama hill and drives a big truck twenty-two hours to celebrate Thanksgiving!!

This episode Tim, Ben and Chris visit with Julian Simmons an old friend and long-time member of Cherokee Lodge Fifty. (Now merged into Coosa.) Julian tells us about this WAB featured Lodge’s patch issues, fakes and gives us a glimpse of why they were always such a challenging Lodge to collect.


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  1. Yes! Not only would we love to hear from anyone who wants to discuss their lodge’s history (through collectibles!), but we’d love also for anyone reading this to join the wiki and help fill in some of the massive gaps.

    Thanks for your support, Bill!

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