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Adirondack Lodge #357 S4a, S4b and S4c Varieties

Ray Gould sends along some more suggestions for identifying the Adirondack Lodge S4 varieties.  The Blue Book currently describes them as follows:

S4a      DYL R GRN ROR fine EMB bkgd; BRN beaver

S4b      DYL R GRN RED segmented bkgd; DBR beaver; MVE– colors

S4c      DYL R GRN RED segmented bkgd; BRN beaver

If you don’t have all three in front of you, it is difficult to tell which is which.  What is a segmented background anyway?

Here are scans of the 3 varieties:

Adirondack Lodge #357 S4a, S4b and S4c Varieties

Ray’s suggestions involve the differences in the ‘eye’ of the beaver.

S-04a (beaver has embroidered eye)
S-04b (beaver has dimple/small white spot for eye…base material shows through)
S-04c (beaver has no eye)

What are your thoughts?  While still not the easiest variations to identify, I think adding Ray’s comments on the eyes should aid in identification.

Anyone else have some issue varieies that they can rpovide better identification than the current Blue Book descriptions?


Gosh Wha Gono Lodge #120 S2.5a, S2.5b, S2.5c

The Blue Book describes the Gosh Wha Gono Lodge S2.5 variations as follows:

S2.5a GRY R M/C BLK WHT FDL; CD; A of WHA touches sun

S2.5b GRY R M/C BLK WHT FDL; CD; A of WHA does not touch sun

S2.5c GRY R M/C BLK WHT FDL Medium BLU Sky; bottom of mtns WHT (more distinct from sky).

Ray Gould sends along the scan below and makes some suggestions:

Gosh Wha Gono Lodge #120 S2.5a, S2.5b, S2.5c

Ray suggests adding the following text to the descriptions:

S-02  (same as S-02.5a) Thin lettering for “Gosh Wha Gono”, gray border, white mountain tops, gray mountain bottoms
S-02.5a (same as S-02) Thick lettering for “Gosh Wha Gono”, gray border, white mountain tops, gray mountain bottoms
S-02.5b light gray border/almost white, white mountain tops, light gray mountain bottoms
S-02.5c gray border, white mountain tops, white mountain bottoms)


Gosh Wha Gono Lodge #120 C1a and C1b

Ray Gould, collects many of the lodges in old Area 2-G in upstate NY including in some cases their successors.  He has recently sent John Pannell and myself a number of scans that are missing from oainages.  In some cases, he has suggested some different ways to identify some of the trickier variations.

These are easy, the 120C1a and C1b.  The distinguishing characteristic here is the size of the Lodge name:

Gosh Wha Gono Lodge #120 C1a

The 120 C1a has the larger 13×105 mm lodge name.

Gosh Wha Gono Lodge #120 C1b

The 120 C1b has the significantly smaller 8×79 mm lodge name


Scout Patch Collector’s Base Camp

Visit The Scout Patch Collector's Base CampGlenn Chase provides a valuable service to the collecting community by maintaining a list of popular collector resources a virtual Patch Collectors Base Camp. From there you can explore the many collecting resources on the web. I’ve had his link on my sidebar since the early days of the blog.
He has recently revamped his website, adding new link and previews of the site. In his words

The Scout Patch Collector’s Base Camp has been updated and improved to help
you find what you are looking for!
* 10 new links have been added to the main page, including World Jamboree
2007 sites
* A Google-powered search engine that delivers results only from relevant
patch-collecting sites
* thumbnail images of the web sites when you roll your cursor over their
link on the home page
* Base Camp Blog
Check it out

Ranachqua Lodge #4 L2.5 and newly discovered L2.6

John Tegtmeier, recently questioned the L2.5 from Ranachqua Lodge as described in the Blue Book as he had a variant. While I had the L2.5, I guess I never sent a scan along to John Pannell (since remedied). You can see it pictured below.

Ranachqua Lodge #4 L2.5

John advised, that his was on green leather(?) and provided the following scan.

Ranachqua Lodge #4 L2.6

As you can see, not only is the background different, but the detail is all in red.

The Blue Book description would be:
L2.6 – – GRN – – RED 50 Years of Cheerful Service 1920-1970. Neckerchief Slide



ClothTalk #19 Mitch Reis

Those of you who attend the annual Shu Shu Gah TOR’s or many of the other Northeast TOR’s know Mitch Reis as one of the regulars. He is also the author of several books on the history of Scouting through its memorabilia, insignia and uniforms.

Even though they are not my main collecting area, his books are always a great resource for identifying those (to me) ‘other’ items that often come in groups of patches (or on a uniform or sash) where my interest is only in 1 or 2 specific items in the bunch.

Knowledge of other areas of collectibles is always a good thing. Listen to Mitch, Ben and Tim in the latest episode of ClothTalk

ClothTalk 019 – Uniformity

The History of the Boy Scouts of America Uniforms By Mitch Reis

This show Mitch Reis ( is our guest and reveals all about the BSA uniform from the earliest right up to the modern cargo pants! Do you know who designed todays uniform? Mitch does and tell us all about it! Fake uniforms? What? Join us for a great chat with Mitch.


Happy Solstice!

Greetings of the season to you and yours.  Merry Christmas, Happy (or insert appropriate adjective here) Yalda, Saturnalia, Karachun, Hanukkah, and  Kwanzaa.  Whatever holiday is yours hope you all have a safe and happy one.  Take the time to enjoy the season with friends and family if you can. 

I have several posts which need to be written and new issues to scan, but time is short and the list of things to do is long. 

If you need something to read now, here is a post from Bob McCanless and his personal “Year in Review