Shu Shu Gah Lodge #24 Nakowa Chapter N1

Sometimes months go by without finding a chapter need.  But I’ve been fortunate this month in getting two needs.

This one is the Nakowa Chapter N1.  The neckerchief celebrates the 10th Annivesary of Nakowa Chapter and the 50th Anniversary of the OA.  Nakowa Chapter merged in June of 1979.  This is one of my last Nakowa needs.  The only other is the X2 and Indianhead-shaped patch.

The N1 was not pictured on oaimages but I’ll be sending John the image shortly.

Shu Shu Gah Lodge #24 Nakowa Chapter N1

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  1. Katie Shaver says:

    I just came across a “Nakowa Chapter” Orange felt flap with a black snake the width of the patch. I went on OA Images and it said it is an F1. Any idea of the value of this patch. Any help is appreciated. Kate

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