Suanhacky Lodge #49 2006 NOAC Delegate Set S58 X38

As I posted yesterday, Suanhacky Lodge realized they were short on their Gold Mylar bordered delegate sets. What no one realized until late at NOAC, was that the reorder had yellow borders and details not GMY. So their are now two new Delegate sets. The second set contains 9 LED Lights; 4 on the flap and 5 on the chevron. It is pictured below, you can make out the holes for the lights better in the flames on the flap. The lights in the chevron are 4 in the front of the fire truck and one in the doorway on the extreme right of the patch.

Suanhacky Lodge #49 2006 NOAC Delegate Set S58 X38

Blue Book Style Stats:
S 58 YEL C M/C BLK TUR FDL; YEL NOAC 2006 With RED LED Lights w/X38 Delegate
X 38 YEL C M/C – YEL FDL YEL NOAC 2006, Ladder 49, BLK 49 Queens Council “The Roof is on Fire” With RED LED Lights w/S58 Delegate

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