Half Moon Lodge #28 2006 NOAC Set S33 X9

In addition to the neckerchief, Half Moon Lodge also issued a two-piece set for the 2006 NOAC. The Theme on the Chevron was “Elvis Has Left Camp” with an Elvis bear in a White jump suit with the lodge totem on the back carrying a guitar. Ther flap celebrates the 60th Anniversary of Camp Trimount and doews not mention NOAC itself.

Half Moon Lodge 2006 NOAC Set

Blue Book Style Stats:
S 33 DGR R M/C M/C LBL BSA; Name RED outlined BLK, BLK Camp Trimount LBL Rip Van Winkle w/X9
X 9 DGR R M/C – M/C FDL YEL outlined BLK, YEL outlined BLK Elvis has left Camp, LBR NOAC 2006 w/S33