Ty-Ohni Lodge #95 2006 NOAC Delegate Set S42 X16

Updated 9-27-06 to Correct Blue Book Number
Ty-Ohni has also issued a delegate set with the same design as the trader and a purple mylar border.

Ty-Ohni Lodge #95 2006 NOAC Delegate Set S42 X12

Blue Book Stats:
S 42 PMY C GRN M/C – PMY= Purplr Mylar M/C Name, NOAC 2006, WWW w/X16 Delegate
X 16 PMY C GRN – – PMY= Purplr Mylar GRN outlined DGR NOAC 2006 DGR Mich. State w/S42 Delegate


Loon Lodge Merger Information

For those joining late, back in January 2006 Adirondack Council was absorbed into Twin Rivers Council. In fact it is now a district in TRC. Since Loon charter for 2006 was already submitted and approved, Loon Lodge continues to exist in 2006. National policy however would preclude a 2007 charter since this would mean 2 lodges in one council.
John Pannell of oaimages reports from NOAC with some new information on the upcoming merger of Loon Lodge.
The lodges formerly known as 19 and 364 are now in the same council. They
travelled together to NOAC and issued a joint two-part set.
According to their display, they will become Kittan 364 (!) in “2006”. I
pressume that to mean 2007 as they used their names (Haudeno… and Loon) on the NOAC patch and surely both still have a charter for this year.
I found the use of 364 a bit unusual, but then again with all of 19’s
mergers Loon is actually the longer standing lodge. :-;

What John did not realize (or remember) is that 364 is the Council number for Twin Rivers Council.