Top Ten Ways to tell your are a Patch Collector (Gone Wild)

Bob McCanless has a Top Ten List on his blog of the Top Ten Ways to tell if your a patch collector. He is inviting everyone to add their ways to the list too.

10. If you’ve ever postponed paying a utility bill, in order to acquire a patch!

9. If you’ve ever watered down milk or baby food, in order to cover for a patch’s expense!

8. If you’ve ever traded a gun, compound bow, or ammunition, for a patch!

7. If you’ve ever played a pickup game of (INSERT FAVORITE SPORT), and instead of ‘shirts & skins,’ you want to be, ’twills & solids.’

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Shu Shu Gah Lodge #24 2006 NOAC Delegate Set S48X13

Shu Shu Gah Lodge ahs issued a delegate set for the 2006 NOAC. A take off on John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever at 2001 Odyessy with a Disco Heron.

Shu Shu Gah Lodge 2006 NOAC S48 X13

Blue Book Stats:
S 48 WHT R M/C WHT M/C FDL RED NOAC 2006 w/X13 Delegate
X 13 BLK C M/C RED – Ghosted Name. YEL Ghosted NOAC 2006 w/S48 Delegate

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“Resolve to perform what you ought. Perform without fail what you resolve.” –Benjamin Franklin


Ktemaque Lodge #15 2006 NOAC Trader Set

I had previously blogged about Ktemaque Lodges 2006 NOAC issues here. Below is a picture of the fundraiser set designated the S32 and X7.

15 S32 X7 2006 NOAC Trader