ClothTalk #9 Pre-NOAC TOR

Unfortunately, I won’t be at NOAC or the pre-NOAC TOR this time around, but ClothTalk brings you the lowdown on what’s going on at the Pre-NOAC and Chris Jensen talks about the history of TOR’s. Give it a listen

ClothTalk 009 – Pre-NOAC

NOAC 2006 - Michigan State University
Are you ready for NOAC 2006 at Michigan State University? You’ve got less than 2 weeks left! This week, we bring Chris Jensen from–the man behind the “Big Monster Trade-o-ree” this year in Lansing before NOAC.

For more information on the Trade-o-ree, check out Chris’s page with all the details. It’s not too late to go. Come on, bring your contingent–join the fun!

Don’t forget:
Thursday July 27th at 8pm: We’ll be doing a live recording at the Trade-o-ree

Also, throughout the TOR, stop by the ClothTalk table and say hello.


A Comedy of Errors! Nacha Nimat Lodge #86 mispelling

It had been pointed out to me in late 2005 that the Lodge 86 S1 which was mispelled, was incorrectly mispelled in at least Blue Book 5.

The S1 flap was incorrectly spelled “Nacha Mimat” however the Blue Book 5 said the flap was mispelled Nacha “Miwat

So I hoped to correct that in Blue Book VI.

Adam Bauer points out

While looking over the new Blue Book last night I found a few errors relating to Nacha Nimat Lodge #86.  The lodge is incorrectly listed as “Nacha Mimat.”  This is done in the lodge 86 section as well as the merger information for lodges 64, 443, and 444.  Additionally, there is an error in the listing for the S1 issue of Lodge 86.  The issue is correctly labeled as having a misspelling in the name but the misspelling is wrong.  The misspelling is listed as being “Nacha Miwat” but the actual incorrect text on the patch is “Nacha Mimat.”

So please keep your records straight.  The correct lodge name is Nacha Nimat and the S1 was incorrectly spelled Nacha Mimat.   Hopefully we can  get this straightened out in time for the next edition.

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